Masjid Al-Huda Qur'an Competition

Registration for the Qur’an Competition is now closed.


  • Complete one registration form for each participant and submit by the deadline: 
  • Participants of any age may register for either Memorization/Hifdh or Tilawah (Recitation)/Nazirah. Please mark only one box on the registration form.
  • Participants may choose to compete in a category above their age, but not below their age.
  • Huffadh and Advanced Hifdh Students 13 to 18 may ONLY register for Group 4. Hifdh Students ages 13 and younger may enter Group 3 or Group 4.
  • Please arrive promptly on the day of the competition.
  • All participants are expected to come dressed in appropriate Islamic attire.

Judging Will Be Based on the Following Criteria:

  • Memorization (for Hifdh Categories): Participant must have clear and accurate memorization of selections.
  • Recitation Category: Perfecting (mastering) the recitation process without committing mistakes in reciting the words and/or verses.
  • Tajweed (Recitation) category: Perfecting (mastering) the art of reciting the Qur’an by respecting the correct outputs of the alphabets, phonetics, timing, and applying all the rules of Tajweed.
  • Makharij (Articulation) category: Perfecting the style of pronunciation of each Arabic letter and knowing where the sound of each letter comes from.
  • Fluency: Continuous flow of recitation while maintaining other qualities.


  • Competitors must bear in mind that they are not competing for any worldly benefit but only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).
  • Participants must memorize and review all the surah required for the competition (with their names) thoroughly and with correct Tajweed.
  • Judges will be testing Hifdh, Tajweed (including proper makharij), and proper Waqf (stop).
  • Listening to tapes or CDs of professional reciters and trying to imitate them is an effective way to beautify one’s recitation and tajweed.
  • These websites (,, can also be used as well as apps such as Ayat, QuranExplorer, and others.
  • For additional help, it is always good to practice with a good reciter or Qari so you can correct your mistakes. One must put in extra effort in correcting previous mistakes in order to not repeat them. – While reciting, one must raise his /her voice and read confidently and clearly.