About Us

Masjid Al-Huda was established in August 2008 under the auspices of Guidance, Inc and is located at 5075 S 43rd St. Greenfield, WI 53220.

With the goal of “Seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt) by building character according to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”, Masjid Al-Huda seeks to serve the community by offering enriching programs for adults, youths and children.

With the first project of arranging a food drive for the needy, Masjid Al-Huda has come a long way and currently offers five daily prayers, two Friday prayer services, full-time Qur’an memorization, evening youth classes, sisters programs, children’s crafts amongs many more programs.

In addition, Masjid Al-Huda also founded Milwaukee Muslim Funeral Home,  the first in the state of Wisconsin established to offer funeral services according to Islamic teachings. The project runs on donations from the community members.