Masjid Al-Huda Winter Retreat Basketball Tournament

Sister’s Tournament: Friday 8:30pm to 10:00pm

Brother’s Tournament: Friday 10:15pm to 11:45pm

Cost: $10 per person

Registration mandatory – register below

Basketball Tournament Rules

(3-on-3 half court basketball tournament)


  1. To participate in the tournament, players must be registered for and in attendance of the weekend retreat.
  2. The cost is $10 per player.
  3. Teams may have up to four (4) players.
  4. Maximum of sixteen (16) teams for the tournament.
  5. Players cannot be added to a roster after the start of the tournament.
  6. Games will be played half-court for regular season and full-court for playoffs.
  7. Playoffs will consist of game between 3rd and 4th place team, and 1st and 2nd place team.
  8. Players must be thirteen (13) years of age by the start of the retreat.
  9. Games will run for seven (7) minutes (running clock) or until eleven (11) points — whichever comes first.
  10. Games can be won by one (1) point.
  11. Tied games will be decided by five free throws per team.  If still tied, then by three free throws.  If still tied, it will be counted as a tie on each team’s record.
  12. Free throws will not be added to point differential.
  13. Substitutions may only be made on a dead ball.
  14. Referee’s decisions are final.  Arguing a call will be an automatic technical foul (referee’s discretion).
  15. Two technical fouls in the tournament will result in ejection from tournament and forfeiting of participation fee.
  16. Any use of foul or inappropriate language will result in automatic ejection from the tournament (referee’s discretion) and forfeiting of participation fee.
  17. Any un-Islamic or inappropriate behavior will result in automatic ejection from the tournament (referee’s discretion) and forfeiting of participation fee.
  18. Friday night will be played in a round robin format.
  19. Each team will be scheduled to play either two (2) or three (3) games, depending on number of teams registered.
  20. Top four (4) records will advance to playoffs on Saturday night.  If multiple teams have the same record, then rankings will be determined by point differential.
  21. Consolation and championship game will be ten (10) minutes in length.