The Masjid Al-Huda community would like to express its heartfelt condolences to the victims of the horrific attacks that took place yesterday in Paris.  The attacks, that have wrongly taken the lives of over one hundred fifty civilians and injured countless others, were barbaric acts of aggression that no community should have to experience.  Masjid Al-Huda does not desire to discuss the political implications of the attacks on the current global stage.  Rather, we want to mourn the loss of the lives of individuals who were friends, parents, siblings, children, and most importantly, human beings.


We urge the Milwaukee community to refrain from reacting in a manner that will fuel hatred and prejudice.  We cannot allow the most egregious elements of our society, who perpetrate such senseless carnage, to become the moral compass by which our actions are guided.  We call upon everyone to join the billions that stand together worldwide, trying to stitch together the fabric of humanity and love, while openly condemning senseless violence in any name.


We at Masjid Al-Huda welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have and thank you for your precious time.