In these months of Dhul-Hijjah, I have seen many people scramble to complete as many good deeds as possible.  After all, our Prophet (ﷻ) mentioned these are the most beloved days to Allah (ﷺ) in which any good deed can be done.  However, what about after Dhul-Hijjah? It seems so hard.  Actually, it’s not.

Our problem is the moment we feel a twinge of piety, we want to conquer our most difficult shortcoming.  Why not start with something smaller? I have noticed some people who cannot fit reciting Qur’an into their daily schedule have decided that they will keep a Qur’an in their car.  Every time they go in to their car, they read one-half page of Qur’an (some read more, depending on their fluency).  They also do the same thing when they arrive to their destination (given they’re not late).  Thus, if we can make this small habit of reading for only one or two minutes when we enter our car and when we arrive at our destination, at the end of the day we will have read quite a few pages of Qur’an.