Ramadan Week 3 Contest

JazakAllah Khairun for everyone that participated in the contest.  MashaAllah everyone made really amazing and creative Masjids.

All the entries have been posted below.  InshaAlalh we want YOU to vote and decide the winner.  Each Masjid be represented by a corresponding letter.  At the bottom of the page, you will find a form where you will enter the corresponding letter to rank your choice of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

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5. Let’s Show Our Honesty in Ramadan : )

Masjid Projects

Corresponding Letter



MASJID FATIMA: The features of this masjid include a nice entrance, an open area on the inside, a section for both men and women. It has no roof for hot climate weather countries.


JAMI AL QUDDUS (The Holy Mosque) It took 3 days to make it.


MASJID AL-HAQQ: This masjid has a beautiful garden off to the side and a full sized playground. It has a huge prayer area and is kid and family friendly.


GOLDEN MOSQUE: This mosque doesn’t have a roof so fresh air and sunlight can come in and birds and butterflies can fly freely There is a little lecture going on in the masjid right now by Shaykh Ali. He is teaching about the 6 beliefs of Iman.


This masjid has a place for prayer and for iftar.



Azmeer Masjid: Created digitally, complete with domes, minarets and arch shaped windows and doors.


MASJID AS-SUNNAH: It is a place where all the Sunnah’s are followed. It is equipped with a large outdoor Men’s prayer area, upstairs women’s prayer area, and a special kids section. Everyone is welcomed to pray here from Buzz Lightyear to a mouse. (masjid made from shoebox)




BAITUL MUKARRAM: This is a made after the national masjid in Bangladesh a country full of masjids! It’s is a huge masjid. It doesn’t look like the one we made, but this one has a lot of light, windows and a beautiful dome surrounded by trees


MASJID LUQMAN: It was constructed in 1441 AH (2020). It is a 3 story building featuring a lower level for brothers, a library an d 3 classrooms and 2 separate upper floors for sisters. It is named after Luqman The Wise, who advised his son to be grateful to Allah and not ascribe part ner s to Allah.


MASJID AS SALAM: It is fully equipped with a mezzanine women’s prayer area, prayer mats and is illuminated by a hanging chandelier.


MASJID AL TAQWA: This masjid features a large space for everyone. It has a brother’s area with a mihrab, a sister’s area with glass wall, and is handicap accessible. It has a fountain called Kauther, a park called Dua a community garden called Jannah and a parking lot.


MASJID RAMADAN: We hung it in the direction of qibla in our prayer area. It also has pockets to hold dhikr and dua sheets


MASJID AL MAHMUD: This is a two building masjid. The First (teal building) is the brothers prayer area and behind it (pink building) is the women’s prayer area. The masjid connects with a stone pathway. The name Mahmud means The Praised One.

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Ramadan Contest Week 3