Asalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

I pray you all are well and basking in the rays of mercy showering down upon us this Ramadan.  It has been a while since I have reached out to everyone.  Many things have been changing in our community over the course of this year.  However, today I wanted to be more selfish in my letter.

As we move forward towards the end of the second ten days of Ramadan, many people preparing for `Eid.  For some people, `Eid is a time of gifts, parties, and love ones.  Yet, for others in these tumultuous times, `Eid is very difficult.  They remember their war-torn lands the escaped, the poverty they are facing, and they realize that they cannot celebrate `Eid as the rest of us.  This month is a month of giving.  We have seen the different appeals that people across the country have been making for sadaqah, zakah, and fitr.  I want to make my own personal appeal: Can we help make this `Eid enjoyable for our own brothers and sisters in Islam?

The Prophet was the most generous amongst the people, and he used to be more so in the month of Ramadan when Jibreel visited him, and Jibreel used to meet him on every night of Ramadan until the end of the month. The Prophet used to recite the Holy Qur’an to Jibreel, and when Jibreel met him, he used to be more generous than a far-reaching wind. (Bukhari)

Ma’ruf Heart, may Allah (ﷻ) reward them and increase them in their work, has formed a list of youth and children from refugee families in our community.  Currently, there are 102 total children ranging from ages 1-18.  If you are interested in helping, please call or email Umm Musa to sign up for one (or more) child(ren):, 901-378-2664.  This `Eid, you can bring warmth and happiness to many of our brothers and sisters who are looking to get back on their feet.  We have well over 100 families in the Milwaukee area.  If all of us pitch in to buy at least one gift per child, we will inshaAllah give them an unforgettable `Eid.

Please remember the ummah in your precious supplications and prayers.

With love,