I remember one of the most frustrating scores to receive on a quiz was a 26/30.  A 27/30 was an “A” = 90%.  However, a 26/30 was a “B” ~ 86.67%.  It was only one point, but that would mean a person fell from an “A” to a “B”.  I know it sounds childish, but that mattered a lot to me growing up.  Well, just a few hours ago, some of us may have fallen from that “A” range to a “B”.  We just started our fourth night of Ramadan.  That means we have completed more than ten percent (10%) of the month.  Ten percent! How much of that ten percent was passed successfully is something we can probably do with only a few minutes of reflection.  Now is the time to assess ourselves.  If we had to grade this Ramadan, can we still get an “A”?