Our country has recently been shaken by two horrific crimes: a deadly shooting in a Tennessee church and what many are calling a massacre in Las Vegas.  Many innocent lives were wrongfully taken without any clear motive.  It is at this important juncture that I want to send a very clear message to our Milwaukee — and greater — Muslim community: Be Human Beings.

There is no doubt that Muslims have been the target of misdirected hate and political bullying.  However, now is not the time to make comments about the religion or affiliations of each shooter.  Just as we hate to have any connection between our faith, ethnicity, or ideology and any acts of aggression, so too should we not follow that ugly trend and begin to highlight unnecessary details in these tragedies.  The reality is that our brothers and sisters in humanity were wrongfully gunned down, and it us up to us to spread our condolences, love, and desire to end such senseless acts of violence.